Adding energy to those who sit.

Sofas are not just for sitting on; they are an important item of interior design that sets the mood for the living room.
Spartan-looking sofas create a quality atmosphere, but they can be a bit heavy.
This sofa features light legs and is designed to be both strong and light.
It is a new style of sofa that energizes the person sitting on it.

  • Price
  • Pattern
  • Upholstery(Leather)
  • Upholstery(Fabric)

220 Both-arm

LEATHER : ¥822,800~¥1,166,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥635,800~¥756,800(税込)

Size details

190 Both-arm

LEATHER : ¥756,800~¥1,080,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥583,000~¥695,200(税込)

Size details

199 One-arm

LEATHER : ¥752,400~¥1,053,800(税込)

FABRIC : ¥602,800~¥708,400(税込)

Size details

169 One-arm

LEATHER : ¥693,000~¥961,400(税込)

FABRIC : ¥558,800~¥653,400(税込)

Size details

182 Couch

LEATHER : ¥712,800~¥954,800(税込)

FABRIC : ¥591,800~¥675,400(税込)

Size details

92 Ottoman

LEATHER : ¥345,400~¥448,800(税込)

FABRIC : ¥290,400~¥325,600(税込)

Size details

About our leather: quality leather is only lightly processed and retains the scars and blemishes of the original hide. Quality leather also matures as you use it. Also, we usually retain the "grain" of the leather - a strong layer of fibers within leather that increases the durability of the leather we use.


We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


  • ファブリックソファイブキ

    Taut body

    Firm and taut, combines durability, high-quality materials stand out.
    The result is a sofa with a spartan look.

  • ファブリックソファイブキ

    Firm seating comfort

    A firm and comfortable seat that is as comfortable as it looks.
    Of course, it is also extremely durable.

  • シャープでスタイリッシュな脚_イブキ

    Sharp and stylish legs

    Since this is a solid sofa that tends to have a heavy atmosphere, the legs are sharply designed to make it look lighter.
    This "IBUKI" will give your living room a high-quality and stylish look.

  • Legs, pedestal, and main body come apart for easy carry-in

    More and more people are remodeling and expanding their living rooms.
    If you like the sofa, you will want to get it into the room somehow.
    To achieve this, we have disassembled the legs, pedestals, elbows, and main body to make it easier to bring them into your room.



  • Give a sense of presence

    What kind of presence do you want the sofa to have as the star of the living room?

    That is where the design of "IBUKI" began.

  • Firm atmosphere

    Taut finish feeling and chunky seating comfort.
    To achieve both, we tried different cushioning materials.

  • Legs worthy of a quality sofa

    Sofas with a strong presence tend to give a heavy impression.
    We wanted this sofa to be stylish, so we made it with a thin pedestal and slender legs.

  • Detail determines the atmosphere.

    Large sized sofas are difficult to transport and enter the house.
    But the big sofa is cool.
    To solve this problem, we have made it possible to bring it in in parts.
    We are particular about details so that it does not look that way.
    We want those who understand to understand.

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    Gravitas that does not chase after trends.

  • MASU

    For neatness in your life.



    A comfort that wraps around you, allowing you to spend the best time.



    Adding energy to those who sit.



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