Gentler corners for maximum use of space.

In modern homes, sofas tend to be placed in the center of the living and dining (LD) area.
It has also become common to spend time lying down. This daybed is designed for such a lifestyle.
In the LD, the backless daybed gently separates the living and dining areas, creating a sense of unity without dividing the rooms.

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  • Pattern
  • Upholstery(Leather)
  • Upholstery(Fabric)

197 Daybed

LEATHER : ¥492,800~¥640,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥398,200~¥464,200(税込)

Size details

187 Flat

LEATHER : ¥426,800~¥532,400(税込)

FABRIC : ¥358,600~¥407,000(税込)

Size details

88 Ottoman

LEATHER : ¥321,200~¥385,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥275,000~¥301,400(税込)

Size details

About our leather: quality leather is only lightly processed and retains the scars and blemishes of the original hide. Quality leather also matures as you use it. Also, we usually retain the "grain" of the leather - a strong layer of fibers within leather that increases the durability of the leather we use.


We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


  • デイベッド_本革ソファミギワ

    Movable arm

    Daybeds have moving arms.
    It can be adjusted in 9 steps and can be moved freely.
    In addition, the smooth movement is calculated and designed to be both stable and durable.

  • デイベッド_本革ソファミギワ

    Tufting on the seat

    Tufting means to pull the upholstery so that it is less likely to lose its shape and retain its form.
    By sewing the fabric together, the uneven color of the leather can be expressed.
    Uneven color brings natural texture and character, enhancing its unique appeal.

  • ダークショコラのアルミ脚_本革ソファミギワ

    Lightweight and sturdy aluminum legs

    It is made of 12 mm thick aluminum material.
    Aluminum material is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable, and its characteristics are utilized to create a simple and sophisticated design.
    Leg length is 23.5cm.
    Choice of "Platinum beige" or "Dark chocolate".

  • デイベッド_本革ソファミギワ

    Thin cushion has an "Air screens"

    It looks like a thin cushion on the outside, but inside it is made of air screen and high elastic urethane.
    This combination provides a moist and comfortable seating experience, making it less tiring to spend long periods of time on the sofa.



  • 経年変化_本革ソファミギワ

    Aging like real leather

    In order to fully appreciate the original value of leather, the lineup includes leather with a "dyed finish" that has not been painted.
    As they are used, they develop fingernail marks, and areas that are frequently touched become darkened by hand stains.
    The color fades when exposed to ultraviolet light.
    We believe that all of these changes are also the aging process that is typical of real leather, and are very tasteful, which is why we created this model for "the 6th anniversary of the Tokyo Jingumae Shop".

  • タフティング_本革ソファミギワ

    Tufting to enjoy dyed leather

    Tufting means to pull the upholstery so that it is less likely to lose its shape and retain its form.
    The upholsterer uses a hand-held technique to produce a uniform shape.
    It sounds simple, but it is an important finishing handwork that changes the finished texture depending on the degree of force.
    This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive processing method that requires skilled techniques, but by sewing the fabric together, the uneven coloring of the leather can be expressed.

  • デイベッド_本革ソファミギワ

    What is daybedness?

    In Europe, daybeds have long been used in ordinary homes.
    Daybeds have become popular in Japan over the past few years, but we wanted to create a daybed that was unique to daybeds, so we researched designs.

  • デイベッド_本革ソファミギワ

    Adding newness to the royal design

    As a daybed, it has become a standard design.
    The backrest is attached to it using modern technology.
    We believe that these challenges will create new standards.

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    Gravitas that does not chase after trends.



    Gentler corners for maximum use of space.



    A comfort that wraps around you, allowing you to spend the best time.

  • ZEN

    To sit and lie on as you wish.



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