A comfort that wraps around you, allowing you to spend the best time.

For me, as a busy person, the time when I can take my time to read is a time of bliss.
A paperback book, a reference book, a specialized book. It is such a sofa where you can calmly read your mind.
When the back cushion is moved, it becomes as wide as a bed.
It is such a luxurious place to stay, where you will lose track of time by being wrapped in feather-filled cushions and feeling comfortable and at ease.

  • Price
  • Pattern
  • Upholstery(Leather)
  • Upholstery(Fabric)

194 Body both-arm

LEATHER : ¥475,200~¥753,500(税込)

FABRIC : ¥286,000~¥380,600(税込)

Size details

194 Body one-arm

LEATHER : ¥477,400~¥755,700(税込)

FABRIC : ¥288,200~¥385,000(税込)

Size details

194 Body both-arm / shelf

LEATHER : ¥816,200~¥1,035,100(税込)

FABRIC : ¥616,000~¥701,800(税込)

Size details

97 One-arm

LEATHER : ¥258,500~¥418,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥162,800~¥223,300(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥338,800~¥537,900(税込)

FABRIC : ¥191,400~¥255,200(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥141,900~¥221,100(税込)

FABRIC : ¥99,000~¥138,600(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥132,000~¥201,300(税込)

FABRIC : ¥88,000~¥115,500(税込)

Size details

Cushion with exclusive bolster

LEATHER : ¥111,100~¥180,400(税込)

FABRIC : ¥67,100~¥96,800(税込)

Size details

194 Body one-arm / shelf

LEATHER : ¥817,300~¥1,036,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥617,100~¥705,100(税込)

Size details

97 Armless

LEATHER : ¥261,800~¥420,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥163,900~¥224,400(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥339,900~¥539,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥192,500~¥256,300(税込)

Size details

100 Corner

LEATHER : ¥301,400~¥480,700(税込)

FABRIC : ¥191,400~¥258,500(税込)

Size details

194 Body angle-bench

LEATHER : ¥491,700~¥770,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥295,900~¥402,600(税込)

Size details

100 Ottoman

LEATHER : ¥217,800~¥357,500(税込)

FABRIC : ¥128,700~¥185,900(税込)

Size details


Wood-arm : ¥180,400

Size details

About our leather: quality leather is only lightly processed and retains the scars and blemishes of the original hide. Quality leather also matures as you use it. Also, we usually retain the "grain" of the leather - a strong layer of fibers within leather that increases the durability of the leather we use.


We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    Corner sofa that can be freely combined

    A wide range of size variations are available.
    By freely combining them, you can realize your comfortable living.
    Arms can be combined with wood, high or low arms.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    Charm of wooden arms and shelves

    23cm arm width.
    Display your favorite things on it, not just as a side table or storage.
    It will surely become a sofa filled with memories.
    The wood can be walnut, oak or oak-black.
    It can be removed at the time of delivery.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    Down feather quality seating comfort

    It is a down feather seat that is moist and tightly wrapped.
    You can lie down or relax on the sofa.
    Enjoy the ultimate in seating comfort as a special time spent on the sofa.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    Beautiful back side

    Sofas are not only visible from the front.
    We have created a beautiful sofa that you will never get tired of looking at from the back.



  • For the ultimate in seating comfort

    For maximum seating comfort, down feathers are used for the back cushions and high-density urethane and feathers are combined for the seat.
    In addition, the excessively deep depth has been adjusted to create a comfortable, enveloping seating position.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    To keep its beautiful shape for a long time

    Although this is a standard design, special attention was paid to the materials used inside.
    The backrest and armrests are made of high-density, hard urethane, which gives the chair a classy finish that beautifully highlights the lines of the stitching.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    Flexible variations

    To accommodate flexible sizes and usage, leather and fabric elbow types are now available in addition to the traditional wood types.
    You can choose your preferred style from two options: high arm or low arm.

  • ダウンフェザーの上質な座り心地_本革ソファシノノメ

    For a sofa that will be loved for a long time

    The evolution from "USTUROI" to "SHINONOME" has been realized.
    The model that has been a favorite for many years has been further upgraded and relaunched under a new name.
    We sought to create a cozy atmosphere that makes you want to stay there until dawn.

Customer Voices





    A warm seat for maximum comfort.



    Gentler corners for maximum use of space.

  • ZEN

    To sit and lie on as you wish.



    A comfort that wraps around you, allowing you to spend the best time.



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