A warm seat for maximum comfort.

The generous use of down feathers at a level not typically found in sofas, combined with durable cushioning materials, provides a uniquely moist and comfortable seating experience.
Feather cushions that conform to the shape of your body are so comfortable that you don't want to move from them.

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  • Upholstery(Leather)
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LEATHER : ¥774,400~¥1,172,600(税込)

FABRIC : ¥517,000~¥743,600(税込)

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LEATHER : ¥704,000~¥1,068,100(税込)

FABRIC : ¥469,700~¥689,700(税込)

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LEATHER : ¥603,900~¥932,800(税込)

FABRIC : ¥430,100~¥630,300(税込)

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LEATHER : ¥196,900~¥288,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥161,700~¥234,300(税込)

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About our leather: quality leather is only lightly processed and retains the scars and blemishes of the original hide. Quality leather also matures as you use it. Also, we usually retain the "grain" of the leather - a strong layer of fibers within leather that increases the durability of the leather we use.


We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


  • ダウンフェザーをたっぷり使ったソファ_本革ソファツムギ

    Exquisitely balanced soft seating comfort

    It is a comfortable seat that gently envelops the body.
    The amount of down, the firmness and thickness of the urethane, and the perfect balance between the two are designed.
    The seat is soft and comfortable, but it supports the body well and does not tire. Profound seating comfort.

  • ダウンフェザーをたっぷり使ったソファ_本革ソファツムギ

    High-density urethane in the arm and body

    The body portion is hard because it is filled with high-density urethane.
    And the high elbows make it easy to stand up and provide stability to support the body when leaning on the elbow side.

  • ダウンフェザーをたっぷり使ったソファ_本革ソファツムギ

    Wood-arm that can be used as a side table

    You can also choose wood-arm.
    That can be used as side tables.
    Available in "Walnut" or "Oak".

  • Easy to care for sofas.

    Soft sofas are often thought not to last long.
    Using good materials will reduce the speed of sagging, but not eliminate it.
    We want them to be used for 10 or 20 years, so we want them to be easy to care for.
    We make it easy to replace only the contents (feather cushions) or add urethane.



  • Limited time store in Tokyo

    In 2012, we decided to hold a limited time store in Tokyo.
    There are many European brand sofas in Tokyo, and we want people to see that we can make sofas that would not be embarrassed to be compared to their top-notch products.
    Development began with the aim of achieving such a model.

  • ヨーロピアンビーチ材の木枠

    Quality that rivals that of authentic European products

    All wooden frames are European beach wood. Feathers are "down feather" grade, which is higher than that used by authentic European manufacturers.
    We decided to use high-density urethane, which can be used for decades, without regard to cost.
    The urethane outside the elbows, which can lose its shape after years of use, is also of high density.

  • 一般的なソファには使われないレベルのダウンフェザー

    Facing the Materials

    When a new material is used for a sofa, the process begins with the selection of the material, and prototypes are repeated.
    We actually make it, adjust it, use it, modify it, and repeat.
    How can we combine the sofas to achieve the desired seating comfort, or to make them easy to use from the customer's point of view?
    We thought as much as we could and finally came up with a sofa that we thought "This is it!" .

  • Aiming for a long-selling model

    Good materials will make the sofa last longer.
    Making them so that they can be used for a long time is important for the contents, but also for the appearance.
    Our goal was to create an "ordinary design". Such a design will not bore you even after 20 or 30 years.
    Thus, the long-selling "REPOSE" model was renewed and "TSUMUGI" was completed.

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    Gravitas that does not chase after trends.

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    Adding energy to those who sit.



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