For a snug fit in the sofa's corners.

The most comfortable place is the corner of the sofa. Sitting at an angle in the corner of the sofa is a great place to get completely comfortable.
The height of the back and elbows is also just right for resting one's arms, so one does not get tired even after sitting for a long time.
The thin frame and wide open legs give the sofa a light appearance.
We want it to look neat and clean. But you want to relax.We have created a sofa that fulfills such wishes.

  • Price
  • Pattern
  • Upholstery(Leather)
  • Upholstery(Fabric)


LEATHER : ¥532,400~¥763,400(税込)

FABRIC : ¥411,400~¥550,000(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥490,600~¥704,000(税込)

FABRIC : ¥382,800~¥499,400(税込)

Size details


LEATHER : ¥332,200~¥475,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥259,600~¥334,400(税込)

Size details

115 One-arm

LEATHER : ¥355,300~¥511,500(税込)

FABRIC : ¥276,100~¥353,100(税込)

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LEATHER : ¥151,800~¥211,200(税込)

FABRIC : ¥112,200~¥151,800(税込)

Size details

About our leather: quality leather is only lightly processed and retains the scars and blemishes of the original hide. Quality leather also matures as you use it. Also, we usually retain the "grain" of the leather - a strong layer of fibers within leather that increases the durability of the leather we use.


We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


  • Softness that fits perfectly

    Soft, cushioned seating.
    When sitting at an angle, the body fits snugly into the corners.
    The soft structure of the urethane, as well as the just-right angle between the seat and backrest, supports the body, which is the comfort you will experience.

  • すっぽりはまる柔らかさ_本革ソファサンライト

    Depth to relax on the sofa

    It is deep enough to climb up on the sofa and sit sideways or cross-legged.
    Place your feet on the floor, and if you want to sit properly, place a cushion on the back of the sofa.

  • 額縁屋さんと開発したソファ_本革ソファサンライト

    25mm square slender frame

    The sofa is enclosed in a slender wooden frame.
    Sofas are sometimes viewed not only from the front, but also from behind due to the layout of the room.
    The 25mm square frame enhances the elegance of the frame so that the back view is also beautiful.

  • すっぽりはまる柔らかさ_本革ソファサンライト

    Living room items to enrich your life

    Items that are useful around sofas.
    Side tables, consoles, center tables, etc.
    The same slender frame as the sofa makes the living room more stylish. The simple design makes it easy to match with other models.



  • It all started with a picture framer.

    Through an acquaintance, I visited a factory that makes picture frames and doll cases.
    There, I was surprised to find that it was quite strong, even though it was made of thin wooden sticks.

    This led to the development of a sofa with an unprecedentedly thin wooden frame.

  • Big-boned in places you can't see

    However, sofas need to have a load capacity of 300kg or more in some places, which is impossible with a 25mm frame.
    Therefore, we designed the interior wooden frame to provide strength.

    It looks unsettlingly slender, but it is actually quite sturdy.

  • "We want someone in kimono to sit down."

    We was wondering what was Japanese-ness, and included several design elements in the drawings.

    The legs are wide and in contact with the floor so that it can be placed on tatami mats, and the seat is deep enough to sit cross-legged on. When the prototype was finished, it looked like it would look great with Japanese-style clothing.

  • Grows with our lifestyle

    The sofa, born as "SUN," has been on the market for more than 10 years.
    It has been redesigned to allow robot vacuum cleaners to pass underfoot and has been reborn as "SUN-LIGHT".
    We hope it will continue to evolve as a long seller.

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    A light chair that gently wraps you.



    A sofa to enrich your times spent in comfort.



    Where people gather.



    Dining and relaxing from an accessible height.



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