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We import our soft fabrics from trusted suppliers. These include natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool. We also make our own original fabrics, specially designed to age gracefully with use.


Rank 4

With its thick fibers woven in a minimalist fashion, Merinos has both a layered and fine appearance. As you use it, the viscose (rayons) will start to rise - gradually giving the fabric a softness like a baby's hair.

・Composition: Viscose 42%, Cotton 40%, Wool 18%
・Country of Origin: Italy

メリノス #1・KOKOROISHIソファ
Merinos #1
メリノス #10・KOKOROISHIソファ
Merinos #10
メリノス #47・KOKOROISHIソファ
Merinos #47
メリノス #48・KOKOROISHIソファ
Merinos #48


Rank 4

A material comprising a mesh of tightly woven fine threads. The exterior is raised and has the signature soft texture of viscose. At the same time, the fabric's colors change depending of the angle of the viewer - adding to the three-dimensional effect of the sofa.

・Composition: Viscose 39%, Acrylic fiber 24%, Cotton 19%, Polyester 13%, Linen 5%
・Country of Origin: Italy

ラッセル #4・KOKOROISHIソファ
Russell #4
ラッセル #11・KOKOROISHIソファ
Russell #11
ラッセル #18・KOKOROISHIソファ
Russell #18


Rank 3

A material made of synthetic suede. This gives it its warm appearance like that all natural wool. At, the same time, it is expressive due to the possibility of dying it in different shades. It is resistant to peeling, scratch damage and stains - which is why we recommend it to pet owners. Can also be washed in water.

・Composition: KYM - Polyester 72%, Polyurethane 12%, Nylon 16%. KM: Polyester 88%, Polyurethane 12%
・Country of Origin: Japan

メランジ #km1479・KOKOROISHIソファ
Melange #km1479
メランジ #kym007・KOKOROISHIソファ
Melange #kym007
メランジ #kym005・KOKOROISHIソファ
Melange #kym005
メランジ #km1463・KOKOROISHIソファ
Melange #km1463
メランジ #kym003・KOKOROISHIソファ
Melange #kym003


Rank 3

A fabric with both a soft touch and a bright sheen - adding to the sofa's fine finish. These traits are formed by leaving a bit of slack when weaving cotton with linen. This material is also heavily water-repellent, ensuring that no stains will be left even when spills occur.

・Composition: Cotton 35%, Polyester 30%, Acrylic fiber 20%, Linen 15%
・Country of Origin: China

サラナ #01・KOKOROISHIソファ
Sarana #01
サラナ #03・KOKOROISHIソファ
Sarana #03
サラナ #35・KOKOROISHIソファ
Sarana #35

Japanese Paper (Washi)

Rank 3

The fabric with the smoothest texture and vintage feel. The paper is spun into thread - ensuring its strength even against scratching. It is also mixed with fibers of the Kumazasa (Sasa veitchii) plant to give it additional microbial and smell resistance.

Japanese Paper is unique for its ability to mitigate humidity and temperature. Its historical use is therefore explained by how it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter - perfect for the Japanese climate.

・Composition: Washi 80%, Cotton 20%
・Country of Origin: Japan

Washi #2
Washi #3
Washi #4


Rank 2

Fluffy and warm to the touch, the thick chenille yarns of this fabric enhance the presence of a sofa. The threads of chenille are also long - making this fabric resistant to dirt and stains. This is an original KOKOROISHI fabric, based on our experiments in material design in order to find out out what makes certain fabrics feel right.

・Composition: Acryl fiber 65%, Polyester 35%
・Country of Origin: China

プリモ #01・KOKOROISHIソファ
Primo #01
プリモ #03・KOKOROISHIソファ
Primo #03
プリモ #06・KOKOROISHIソファ
Primo #06
プリモ #35・KOKOROISHIソファ
Primo #35


Rank 2

A plain-woven fabric, warm to the touch and with a luxurious sheen. Light, durable and resistant to wrinkling, it is also resistant to stains due to its long thread length.

・Composition: Polyester 100%
・Country of Origin: China

ルナ #クリーム・KOKOROISHIソファ
Luna #Cream
ルナ #バーク・KOKOROISHIソファ
ルナ #バーク
ルナ #ナツメグ・KOKOROISHIソファ
Luna #Nutmeg
ルナ #チャコール・KOKOROISHIソファ
Luna #Charcoal


Rank 2

A smooth fabric made of finely woven chenille threads in its exterior. This fabric is offered in many bright colors and can be used to add contrast to your home.

・Composition: Polyester 55%, Cotton 45%
・Country of Origin: Thailand

ハム #フロンティア・KOKOROISHIソファ
Ham #Frontier
ハム #スピンネイカー・KOKOROISHIソファ
Ham #Spinnaker
ハム #ジェロニモ・KOKOROISHIソファ
Ham #Geronimo


Rank 1

A raised and soft fabric comfortable to touch. It also highlights the vibrance of its colors with its plain-woven structure. It is also light and resistant to wrinkling.

・Composition:Polyester 51%, Polypropylene 49%
・Country of Origin: Belgium

リベルノ #19252・KOKOROISHIソファ
Livorno #19252
リベルノ #18731・KOKOROISHIソファ
Livorno #18731
リベルノ #18672・KOKOROISHIソファ
Livorno #18672
リベルノ #18701・KOKOROISHIソファ
Livorno #18701
リベルノ #16129・KOKOROISHIソファ
Livorno #16129


Rank 1

Given the high cotton composition, this fabric is soft. In addition, it absorbs and evaporates moisture, thus having a cooling effect. It is a plain-woven fabric which also enhances the warm coloring of its dyes.

・Composition: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
・Country of Origin: Japan

ティノ #生成り・KOKOROISHIソファ
Tino #Ecru
ティノ #ブラウン・KOKOROISHIソファ
Tino #Brown
ティノ #グリーン・KOKOROISHIソファ
Tino #Green


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