STRUCTURE The Backbone of Our Sofas


Sofas are made out of more than 30 different types of materials put together in a complex assembly process. We choose the most durable of each material type and combine their properties - making for a long-lasting sofa.


Our frames are made from Japanese Beech wood from European forestry masters. We use the hard woods close to the middle of wood trunks. This in turn means that the frames are supple, impact-resistant and nails hammered will stay in place.

For the parts not suited for raw wood, we employ plywood. Plywood is stronger than raw wood but their relative softness makes them not suited to nailing.

We combine the two as most appropriate in order to create frames which can last decades.

Wooden Frames | KOKOROISHI Sofas


The springs we use are made in Japan. They are made of very strong steel which is extremely resistant to deforming. They are so durable that we have not had to replace them even when performing maintenance on 30-year-old sofas. In short, they are trusted springs from a trusted supplier.

S-Springs | KOKOROISHI Sofas


The coils we use are made in Japan and each is wrapped in unwoven cloth. Through interlinking them, we ensure the durability and the cushioning that our sofas provide. Soft - but yet firm enough to make getting up easy.

Pocket Coils | KOKOROISHI Sofas


The durability of urethane is decided by its density. Dense urethane does not deform even with years of use. Try holding on to one of our seat cushions - the surprising weight is a clue of the density of the urethane that we use and its strength.

Urethane | KOKOROISHI Sofas


We use the Small Feathers from waterfowl. These feathers are soft and adopt the shape of the people sitting on them, gently wrapping you in a comfortable softness. The feathers are disinfected through multiple rounds of washing and heat-drying. This reduces the feathers' natural odor.

Feathers | KOKOROISHI Sofas


The Intricacies of KOKOKOISHI's Work