KOKOROISHI's Craftsmanship

Sofas which you grow attached to with continual use - that is our goal. We want to allow people to live rich lives, surrounded by the things that they love.

Sofas Which Age With Beauty

We want our sofas to be precious objects which our customers cherish and love and therefore use long-term. This is why we are so particular about our materials and how we individually craft each piece.

Lives surrounded by things we cherish and which have been with us for a long time. Things which we can age and spend precious time with. That is the lifestyle we want to provide.

A good sofa needs to be sturdy. This in turn is decided by the materials used in its frame and cushions. Using tried and proven materials to make a sofa is the key to creating a lasting product.

But above that the sofa needs to evoke a sense of attachment - that you grow fond of it the longer it forms part of your home. This is the core that we apply when creating our sofas.

Evergreen designs and materials which age with gentle grace - these are the factors which allow people to grow attached to a sofa.
Our sofas keep the standard shape of the sofa such that they do not fall out of fashion and will be relevant no matter how times change.
We choose and recommend sofa covers that will mature and gain flavor with age.

Sofas which can be your companions as the years go by. We want to enrich your lives by providing sofas worthy of this.

Leading Rich Lives

Places to have a little respite. These are irreplacable for us to lead fulfilling lives in spite of the daily business. We at Kokoroishi feel that a warm, welcoming sofa can be an example of this. Our hope is that we can provide a little place to enrich your lives through our sofas.

We at Kokoroishi define "richness" in life not as special events or special days, but the everyday comfort that one can enjoy.

A welcoming sofa can be like a fireplace in your home - drawing both friends and family to gather around it to exchange experiences and deepen ties.

Our motivation, and the pride and enjoyment that we have in our work, is to create sofas that can do this, and become a comforting constant in your home.


Getting that sofa was the right choice!
We are constantly thinking about how we can make great sofas that can be used for years. This, in order to hear voices like the above from our customers.
In turn, we want the staff who produce these sofas to have pride in their work, and lead rich lives too.
These ideals are what Kokoroishi aspires towards.

Keeping Trust

The quality of our sofas is a fruit of the trust that we have built - with not only our customers, but with our suppliers and employees.

Imagination Into Reality

We do our best to fulfill our customers' needs - including flexibly customizing our sofas' sizes, colors, textures and design. Feel free to tell us what you imagine for your ideal sofa.

Towards Better Sofas

We are always listening to our customers and constantly changing to accomodate shifts in peoples' lifestyles. We are committed to continually improving our sofas through constantly experimenting with new materials and production techniques.



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