Our top tier - the fruits of our efforts to create everlasting sofas of even higher quality

The results of the painstaking efforts from our craftsmen and their years of experience.
Displaying our focus on sleek designs that can be part of a tasteful interior.
Built with both form and function that fit our modern lifestyles, and which are made of materials like high-density urethane foam or high grade down feathers.
Offering the best of both durability and seat comfort.

High Quality Half-Down

The half-down that we use is the key to the sense of comforting envelopement of Kokoroishi's sofas.

The sofas are stuffed luxuriously with the same high-quality down feathers that you may find in a warm, fluffy comforter.

Urethane cushioning is more durable, but half-down wins hands down in terms of comfort.

Half-down may get deformed fro daily use, therefore please occassionally inflate the cushions and perform maintenance.

High-Grade Urethane

The density of urethane decides its durability.
In other words, a heavy, firm cushion is also one that can be used long-term.

Our benchmark is to use urethane that does not need to be replaced when a sofa gets its covers changed. But that is not our only criteria.

Through painstakingly layering urethane of different densities, we make cushioning that fulfills the goals of both durability and comfort.



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