- In pursuit of excellence as a sofa-maker -
Since our creation as sofa-making specialists in 1969, we have made tens of thousands of sofas. The love and support of our customers is part of what keeps us going. Our customers entrust us with maintaining their 10 or 20 year old sofas for their safe and comfortable use - a trust that we do not take lightly.

CEO's Message

From our founding, our priority has been keeping our customers' trust.

The process of producing sofas is complex - behind the covers is a fine structure made of delicate parts. Each of which is crucial to its overall finish.

We are constantly improving our processes and craftwork so that we fulfill the trust that our customers invest in us.

Takuo Kokoroishi, CEO and Chairman

KOKOROISHI's Sofas and History

KOKOROISHI's founder, Shitsutomu Kokoroishi, was the eldest son in a family of 7 children. In the difficult conditions of post-war Japan, he worked in many fields to support his family. These experiences taught him the importance of trust.

Shitsutomu was very strict in his work but his employees were like his family. He was committed to even hearing out the private problems that his employees faced. This care, and familial bond, was what motivated his employees to work together with him.

When we first started, "guest sofa sets" were the rage and they were easy to sell. However, Kokoroishi fell on hard times after the bursting of the Japanese bubble economy in the early 1990s. It was then that the people around Kokoroishi rallied with us, and we started moving towards making sofas. I remember my father telling me, calmly and with a smile: "Work hard and someone will definitely appreciate what you make!"

We have the trust of our suppliers, employees and customers. And this is what powers our continual quest to make better sofas, and to perservere through both smooth-sailing and rougher times.


1969 - Founding
Shitsutomu Kokoroishi starts business as an individual proprietor in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Opening showroom in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Formal establishment of Kokoroishi Kougei Co. Ltd.
Opening 2nd factory (currently company HQ)
Moving carpentry division to 2nd factory


Takuo Kokoroishi assumes 2nd generation leadership
Creation of the KOKOROISHI product brand
Creation of CI
Opening direct shop at Jingumae, Tokyo
50th anniversary of creation
Opening of North Factory

Guest Sofa Set Era

For back when people almost always had a room to receive guests right next to their homes' entrances. An era when having a luxurious "Guest Sofa Set", with chairs facing each other, was a status symbol.


Well received even up to now. We still receive and handle orders for cover replacements.


A model which CEO Kokoroishi prizes for its completeness and which had many corporate customers as its users.


The model heavily used in family homes in the guest reception room.

From the Guests' Room to the Living Room

With changes in lifestyle, and people inviting fewer guests into their homes, many converted their guest receiving rooms into living rooms. This in turn called for a more relaxed aesthetic and sofas with corners.


A large, full-leather, corner set sofa. A model which we challenged ourselves to create.

Prestige 2

Well received at the beginning of Kokoroishi's transition to corner sofa sets. We also sold many similar models.


Popular due to its comfortable sitting, with its 1 and 3 person variations also selling well. Had a period where it was being sold almost everyday.

Towards an era where usability and design became tantamount

When more and more people grew up with sofas in their living rooms and started buying sofas in return. This was when the comfort and design, or in other words overall quality became the main factor in people's purchases.


A smash-hit product of Kokoroishi's R&D into comfortable cushioning which. Also the first model which Kokoroishi used Natural Finish leather for when exihibiting.


Drew much attention from the idea of using a sofa's arm rests as tables or storage. A model which combines both convenience and comfort.


A collaboration piece with Gakuen-ya, a Japanese traditional crafts place. Made with a form that would fit Japan's interior design.

An era where sofas reflect the user's values

When people started picking sofas not because of how they appeared to others, but how they'd like to use them with their family. When people started to pay more attention to not how valuable an item is, but how important the times they spend there are.

Designed by Fumio Kawasaki. The representation of KOKOROISHI's concept - sofas which can be used no matter the times.


A model which broke previous paradigms with its single-couch and width which allowed people to cross their legs on the sofa.

A sofa with a width which allowed sitters to cross their legs. A model made to fit Japanese customs and developed based on customer feedback.

Corporate Summary

Company Name
CEO / Chairman
Takuo Kokoroishi (心石拓男)
Company HQ
4-5-20, Yanaizucho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prfecture JAPAN 729-0144
TEL 084-933-3335 FAX 084-934-5204
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10 mil yen
Employee Count
32 (incl. 4 part-timers)
Manufacturing, sales and maintenance of sofas
Main Partners
Marusho Co., Real Style Co. Ltd.
Main Material Suppliers
Aishin Industrial Co. Ltd., Sumida Sangyo Co. Ltd., Miyauchi Industry Co. Ltd.
Main Bank(s)
Hiroshima Bank Matsunaga Minami Branch
Hiroshima-ken Credit Cooperative Matsunaga Minami Branch



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