About us

– わたしたちの紹介 –

Studio, Cafe and then Sofa Boutique


In the 12th year of business, KOKOROISHI did have a showroom from which we sold our items. However, handling both production and retail was difficult. The showroom was then converted to a studio for taking photos of our products and a storeroom.




The in-depth story

About Us

  • Factory

    Continually improving ourselves

    The original KOKOROISHI factory was right beside the Kokoroishi family home. As we expanded and orders for our sofas increased, in 1987, we bought some land in an area filled with other artisan shops where our current factory and company HQ are.

  • Milestones

    The history of KOKOROISHI and our sofas

    Charting our history - from when we were producing office sofas, to producing for living rooms, to when practicality and design became important and to now - when the values of people are reflected in the sofas they use.


    Reminiscing about the early days

    How did KOKOROISHi come to our current state? How did we develop our high quality and advanced techniques? The original craftsmen at the beginning of KOKOROISHI held a reunion to share their memories.