The history of KOKOROISHI and our sofas


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About us

– わたしたちの紹介 –

KOKOROISHI's Sofas and History

Guest Sofa Set Era

自宅を建てる時には、必ずと言っていいほど玄関脇に応接間があった時代。そ の部屋に、対面式の豪華な応接セットを置くのがステイタスシンボルでした。

  • McKinley

    Well received even up to now. We still receive and handle orders for cover replacements.

  • Caesar

    A model which CEO Kokoroishi prizes for its completeness and which had many corporate customers as its users.

  • Angel

    The model heavily used in family homes in the guest reception room.

From the Guests' Room to the Living Room


  • Emile

    A large, full-leather, corner set sofa. A model which we challenged ourselves to create.

  • Prestige 2

    Well received at the beginning of Kokoroishi's transition to corner sofa sets. We also sold many similar models.

  • Libere

    Popular due to its comfortable sitting, with its 1 and 3 person variations also selling well. Had a period where it was being sold almost everyday.

Towards an era where usability and design became tantamount


  • Repose

    A smash-hit product of Kokoroishi's R&D into comfortable cushioning which. Also the first model which Kokoroishi used Natural Finish leather for when exihibiting.

  • Foretta

    Drew much attention from the idea of using a sofa's arm rests as tables or storage. A model which combines both convenience and comfort.

  • San

    A collaboration piece with Gakuen-ya, a Japanese traditional crafts place. Made with a form that would fit Japan's interior design.

An era where sofas reflect the user's values


  • Designed by Fumio Kawasaki. The representation of KOKOROISHI's concept - sofas which can be used no matter the times.

  • Piana

    A model which broke previous paradigms with its single-couch and width which allowed people to cross their legs on the sofa.

  • A sofa with a width which allowed sitters to cross their legs. A model made to fit Japanese customs and developed based on customer feedback.

The in-depth story

About Us

  • Factory

    Continually improving ourselves

    The original KOKOROISHI factory was right beside the Kokoroishi family home. As we expanded and orders for our sofas increased, in 1987, we bought some land in an area filled with other artisan shops where our current factory and company HQ are.

  • 店舗紹介

    Studio, Cafe and then Sofa Boutique

    In the 12th year of business, KOKOROISHI did have a showroom from which we sold our items. However, handling both production and retail was difficult. The showroom was then converted to a studio for taking photos of our products and a storeroom.


    Reminiscing about the early days

    How did KOKOROISHi come to our current state? How did we develop our high quality and advanced techniques? The original craftsmen at the beginning of KOKOROISHI held a reunion to share their memories.



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