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【RW ~鹿児島育ちの和牛革 手塗りで革らしい表情を~】


MIGIWA 187フラット / 革:RW613 

~Our Story~

RWは、2018年に鹿児島で設立された(株)隆光産業 との共同開発にて製作させて頂きました。今までソファの革としては加工されてこなかった黒毛和牛ですが、なぜソファの革としての開発を始めたのか、隆光産業さんにお伺いしました。

〜Why use Wagyu raw hides for leathersofa? ~

Cattle raised in Japan are roughly divided into Wagyu (for meat) and Holstein (for dairy cattle). More than 90% of Wagyu cattle are Black Wagyu, but also include crossbreds bred with dairy cattle. That crossbreed is the raw hide of good quality leather. However, the number of Holstein breeds is decreasing due to declining consumption of milk and other products. As a result, crossbreds are also on the decline, and the supply of high-quality raw hides is on the decrease.

Even though a lot of Japanese black cattle are raised in Japan, they have not been processed into high-quality leather until now. The reason for this is the fat called "sashi," or marbling, which is abundant in black Wagyu beef.Marbled fat is delicious and attractive for eating, but when tanning into leather, this fat makes the process very difficult.

Therefore, in order to somehow turn Wagyu, which can be supplied stably, into good quality leather, we took on the challenge of solving this problem in cooperation with tanneries (leather factories) that have the technology to do so. This has enabled us to achieve with this Wagyu leather a texture and a firm touch that cannot be achieved with Holsteins or crossbreds.

We have been using Wagyu leather for shoes, bags, small leather goods, and other products, but in order to let people know more about the texture of this leather, we researched leather for sofas that can be felt on the skin.

~The particulars and hardships of making leather for sofas~

I have been involved in products such as shoes, bags and small leather goods using black cowhide leather. For these products, cutting is often done in small parts, so yield was not an issue, but leather for sofas has large parts, so scratchy leather cannot be used.


For these products, yields were not considered a problem because cutting is often done in small parts, but leather for sofas has large parts, so leather with many scratches cannot be used. It is a difficult task to select raw hides that have few blemishes and are also robust. It was also difficult to maintain wear resistance and dyefastness while preserving the characteristics of Wagyu beef and not destroying its atmosphere.

~What is the best of Kuroge Wagyu Beef?~

和牛の革の良さは、ホルスタインに比べて銀面(革の表面の緻密な部分)が厚く、革らしい風合いや、経年変化した時の雰囲気が生まれます。 その特徴をよく理解したタンナーさんに協力を頼むことで、和牛の革の良さと耐久性を兼ね備えたRWレザーが誕生しました。



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