Tailored sofas to accompany you through the passage of time

Sofas where you can etch into memory the precious times spent with family. Sofas which you will cherish and which will form part of your refuge from the stresses of life.
Each of Kokoroishi's sofas is made to be part of your home's landscapes - pieces made with precision to be where you can build memories with your loved ones.



Our top tier - the fruits of our efforts to create everlasting sofas of even higher quality

The works of our craftsmen with years of experience. They employ their skills and sleek design to create these gems of sofas.

We demand both exceptional quality as well as daily-life utility from our sofas. Our Prize Line embodies these two factors in its exceptional comfort.

Pieces born from our pursuit to make sofas with unchanging appeal

We believe in simplicity, and focus on evergreen designs while rejecting unnecessary decoration.

Our meticulous design and production process reflects our philosophy of finding the optimum between ease-of-use, durability and comfort.

We also focus on maintenability and reparability so that our sofas can be used across generations.



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