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Caring for the Leather

KOKOROISHI uses both leathers with and without an exterior paint layer. Maintenance depends on the type.

Leathers with exterior paint layer

Types: MY, MS

Maintenance is usually limited to wiping with a dry cloth. Wiping with a steamed towel should suffice to remove stains. Please note that trying to remove stains which do not come off even with a steamed towel may damage the protective paint layer and lower durability. We advise avoiding using commonly available leather creams and cleaners on the leather.

Dyed leathers / Leathers without external paint layer

Types: Vono, Jeans, KW, Nume Leather, SS

The "sheen" on the leather is a sign that the amount of oil in the leather is just about right and that the leather will last a long time. We recommend topping this up with maintenance oil once or twice a year. Please do note that while the maintenance kit will be able to prevent some stains, it is impossible to stop all stains. Please view the videos for more information.

Maintenance Goods
Savon de marseille contains olive oil - which works well when cleaning leather.


Caring for the Fabric
  • Covered Cushions

    We recommend sending them to the dry cleaners. Washing them with water may make the fabrics irreversibly shrink. However, a portion of our fabrics are washable with water - please enquire for more details.

  • Attached Cushions

    Some sofa designs have cushions which cannot be detached . We recommend waterproofing spray to prevent stains on these types. In the case of unfortunate stains, we recommend products from the Dr. Beckmann brand.

  • About Fading

    Please note that due to how our fabrics are made of natural ingredients, there is no way to prevent against fading from UV radiation or natural processes. However, placing the sofa away from direct sunlight and windows will slow the process.


Caring for the Cushions

We have three types of cushions - feather cushions, polyester cushions or cushions made from a mix of the two. For all types, we recommend occasionally massaging the cushion to fix any "kinks". This will also prevent deformation and increase their longevity. In particularly, be aware that leaving polyester cushions in a bent position for long periods of time may harden the cotton inside and require a change of the interior cushioning as well.



Caring for the Wood


Water will leave stains on wood. Therefore, in the case of a spill, we recommend wiping not only the original spill but its surrounding area with a wet cloth. This will prevent the stain becoming too obvious. In addition, obvious stains can be hidden by firstly sandpapering the area of the stain and then applying wax.

  • Please do note that wood may crack or get damaged due to the environment it is exposed to. Also, please be aware that the patterns and spots on wood reflect the state of the natural wood and are unlikely to be perfectly uniform.

Urethane Exterior Finish

The exterior layer applied to the wood usually protects the wood from damage and therefore little maintenance is needed. However, after decades of use this layer may start to crack, necessitating maintenance at our factory.

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